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Brian Friedman

Brian Friedman, Principal/Owner since 1991
Office: 847-459-8412 | Cell: 847-812-2758 | E-mail: brian@fanddsales.com

Fun Fact: Brian enjoys bike riding, swimming, travelling, basketball, good weather and all Chicago sports teams, but most of all family time with his wife of 10 years, Kimberly and his 3 daughters, Chloe, Emily, and Samantha.

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Brian Friedman, Vice‐President, started his career with Friedman & Dorrans in 1991. Brian concentrates on the plumbing & heating wholesaler, plumbing & heating contractor, kitchen & bath showrooms, hotel/hospitality, sewer and water distributor and contractor, roofing wholesaler and contractor, and specifying engineers and architects throughout Metropolitan Chicago, and Rockford. Brian holds a B.S. in Management from Indiana University and earned his M.B.A. in Marketing Management from DePaul University. Brian has served as an Associate Member Director for the MwDA (Midwest Distributors Association) – representing Region 2 of The American Supply Association, since 2003. Brian served as an associate member from 2003-2012. Brian served on the Liberty Pump Rep Council from 2011-2013 and began serving on the Oatey Rep Council in 2013. Previous to his employment with Friedman & Dorrans, Brian was employed by National Plumbing & Heating Supply – warehouse operations (1989) and Coopers Plumbing & Heating Supply – computer systems (1988).


Jim Dorrans

Jim Dorrans, Principal/Owner since 1976
Office: 847-459-8412 | Cell: 847-812-2753 | E-mail: jim@fanddsales.com

Fun Fact: Jim is the ultimate diehard Chicago Cubs fan and frequently utters the phrase “next year is right around the corner”… by about May 1st.

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Jim Dorrans, current President, started with W.F. Dorrans in 1976. Jim’s 36 years of experience with all aspects of our industry and network of extensive contacts gives our agency a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Jim’s main responsibilities include calling on the plumbing & heating wholesaler – including showroom operations, plumbing & heating contractor, retail & catalog merchandisers, hotel/hospitality and irrigation markets in Metropolitan Chicago and NW Indiana markets. Jim holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Western Illinois University.


Steve Cook

Steve Cook, Outside Sales since 1975
Cell: 847-980-3293 | E-mail: steve@fanddsales.com

Fun Fact: Steve is a fan of the Chicago White Sox and Ohio State and also likes playing golf. Just watch for exploding golf balls if you play with him.

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Steve Cook brings an extensive 37‐year career in the plumbing & heating industry to Friedman & Dorrans, joining our agency in 2007. Steve’s background includes 7 years as Chicago & Central Illinois District Sales Manager for Mueller Industries (2000 – 2007), former principal of Heartland Sales Rep Agency (1996 – 2000) , Purchasing & Inventory Control Manager for Sterling Supply (1983 – 1996), Customer Associate N.O. Nelson – Dayton, OH (1974‐1980), and Apprentice Plumber (1974). Steve’s main account responsibilities are calling on plumbing & heating wholesalers and contractors and kitchen and bath showrooms in the Metropolitan Chicago and East Moline & Moline, markets.

Bill Dorrans

Bill Dorrans
, Outside Sales since 2007
Office: 847-459-8412 | Cell: 847-338-3443 | E-mail: bill@fanddsales.com

Fun Fact: Bill is a fan of all Chicago sports teams especially the Hawks and Cubs, his favorite band is Dave Matthews Band, and he enjoys spending time with his enormous family that live all over the U.S. in Illinois, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and California.

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Bill Dorrans started with Friedman & Dorrans part time in summers of 2007 and 2008. He began full‐time in summer of 2009. Bill holds a B.S. Degree in Business Management from Northern Illinois University. Bill’s current responsibilities include plumbing & heating wholesalers and contractors in the Champaign, Decatur, and Springfield markets as well as inside sales and quotes.

Billy Ford F and D Sales

Billy Ford, Outside Sales
Cell Phone: (773) 682-0700 | E-mail: billy@fanddsales.com

Fun Fact:  Billy loves…..spending time with his grand kids, Golf, living life with his wife Bernice, Golf, Football, Golf, helping customers solve problems, Golf, Sweet tea, Golf and last but not least….. GOLF!!

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Billy Ford brings 25 years of hands on Plumbing and Mechanical experience as well as 9 years of Wholesale experience to F&D Sales. Billy is a 3rd generation Plumbing, Mechanical and Building contractor. After growing up in his father’s business, Billy went on to get his Plumbing and HVAC Lic. and start his own business in the San Francisco Bay Area in Central California. Billy holds Plumbing and HVAC lic. in California and Nevada. When it was time to put the tools down Billy went to work for Ferguson Ent. in Reno Nevada in 2004 and after holding various positions, transferred to Chicago in 2009 to focus on developing Fergusons Commercial Hot Water business with his expertise and commitment to customer service and support. Billy’s roll with F&D Sales will be to continue to offer superior service and support to our Wholesale Customers and to their customers across our product line with the focus being on Domestic Hot Water and Hydronic products.

Jerry Friedman

Jerry Friedman, Special Projects since 1968
Cell: 847-812-275 | E-mail: jerry@fanddsales.com

Fun Fact: Jerry is an avid runner and enjoys coming to Chicago in May to see his grandkids and promptly leaving for Florida when the weather gets cold.

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Jerry got his start with Black Swan Manufacturing in 1973 as an outside salesman responsible for accounts in Illinois and Northwest Indiana. He became Sales Manager for certain parts of the Midwest, Northeast and Southeastern U.S. and remained with them until 1979. Soon after leaving he formed, Jerry Friedman Sales, also in 1979. The first major line he represented was Dearborn Brass out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The agency grew considerably during the next few years both in terms of sales and employees. In 1985, Jerry Friedman Sales merged with The W.F. Dorrans Agency to form Friedman & Dorrans Sales. Jerry retired in 2007 but has worked part-time in summers that have followed on various special projects for the agency.


Debbie Mendralla

Debbie Mendralla, Office Manager since 1999
Office phone: 847-459-8412 | E-mail: Debbie@fanddsales.com

Fun Fact:  Debbie loves a good bottle of wine, especially while watching a Chicago Cubs game – for Debbie, the 7th inning stretch usually begins in the 2nd inning.



Donna Mudgett

Donna Mudgett, Receptionist since 2000
Office phone: 847-459-8412 | E-mail: donna@fanddsales.com

Fun Fact:  Donna enjoys travelling, shopping, and visiting Arizona to see her granddaughter.   Most of all she enjoys helping people.