Product Listing

Here is an alphabetical listing of our products. Don't see what you need? Give us a call or email us! We are happy to get you what you need or at least refer you to the best source!

"A" through "C"   "D" through "O"
access panels
backwater valves
ball valves
basket strainers
bath waste & overflow conversion kits
bath waste & overflows
bathtub protectors
bathtub walls
battery back up pumps
boiler drains
brass bar stock fittings
brass drain & shut off cocks
brass fittings
brass garden hose fittings
brass hose barb fittings
brass needle & humidifier valves
brass nipples
brass plugs
brass tubular
bronze insert adapters
cast iron companion flanges
cast iron threaded fittings
caulking guns
check valves
chilled water buffer tanks
chrome plated fittings
chrome plated nipples
closet bend spacers
closet flanges
commercial drains
commercial semi-cast tubular
compression fittings
copper fittings - ACR refrigeration
copper fittings - Cast pressure
copper fittings - DWV
copper fittings - WROT pressure
copper tubing
CPVC fittings
cutting oil
dielectric unions
dishwasher hoses
drain openers
drain pumps
drum trap covers
duct tape
effluent pumps
engineered pump systems
epoxy putty
faucet repair parts
fitting brushes
flare fittings
flexible water supply connectors
flood stoppers
fold-down seats
frost free sillcocks
furnace cement
gas ball valves
gas connectors
gas fittings
gas leak detector
gate valves
grab bars
grinder pumps
hand cleaners
heating chemicals
icemaker outlet boxes
iron pipe fittings
laundry trays
lead flashings
lead ingots
lead sheets
lubricating oil
malleable steel fittings
merchant couplings
metal hanger strap
mop basins
nipple tote trays
no-hub couplings
open mesh cloth


"P" through "S"   "T" through "Z"
pex fittings
pipe clamps
pipe insulators
pipe lubricant
pipe nipples
pipe thread sealants
plastic pipe
plastic pipe j-hooks
plastic tubular
plastic water heater discharge tubes
plumber's putty
push-fit fittings
PVC cement applicators
PVC cements
PVC primers
rigid water supply connectors
roof cement
roof flashings
Safety+PLUS gas fittings
sand cloth
sewage pumps
shower bases
shower doors
shower drains
shower ensembles
shower pan liner
shower stalls
shower walls
silicone sealant
snap-in strainers
soil pipe gaskets
soil sealant
storage tanks
stud guards
sump pumps
swing check valves
tankless water heater service valve kits
teflon tape
test plugs
test pumps
thermal expansion tanks
toilet bolts
toilet repair parts
toilet seats
trap cover kits
tub & tile caulk
tub boxes
utility hoses
utility sinks
washing machine hoses
washing machine outlet boxes
washing machine overflow pans
water hammer arrestors
water heater connectors
water heater pans
water heater stands
water heaters - commercial
water heaters - indirect
water heaters - residential
water powered back up pumps
water stopsĀ 
water stopsĀ  - commercial
wax rings