Lines We Represent
MAPP/PROPANE/OXYGEN gas and welding torches
Copper DWV, Pressure, Press, Malleable, Brass Valves & Fittings, Steel Nipples, Plumbing Specialties

Water Stops and Connectors, ProCoat Gas Connectors, Brass Fittings, Faucet & Toilet Repair

Cambridge-Lee Industries Copper Tubing and Linesets
Sump, sewage, effluent, drain, grinder pumps, complete pre-assembled packages
Plastic Pipe and fittings
Domestic Water Booster Pumps ES & VMS – Simplex thru Quad, Control Panels
Featuring BackStop Diaphragm-Type Safety Tanks and Accessories

Industry leading manufacturer of tankless electric solutions for residential, commercial, light industrial, and safety applications.

Condensing Boilers
Brass & PVC tubular, basket strainers, waste & overflows, supply boxes, shower pan liner, JB Signature
Lead flashings, ingots, sheets
Laundry trays, shower bases and walls, CareGiver Easy Access Showers, Mop Basins
Faucet Aerators and Adapters
Condensate Neutralizers, neutralizing pumps, recharge kits and system feeder

Commercial condensing and non-condensing hydronic boilers and volume water heaters

Residential & Commercial tank & tankless water heaters, storage tanks